How to wear medical mask correctly?

Now when I go to the hospital, there are many people. I feel that the air has changed. There are people hanging salt water, injured, urinated, and there are people in the corridor. The air is really bad. Many people wear masks. The first time they wear masks, they wear them upside down. Here's how to wear masks online:

Main precautions for wearing mask:

The 1. masks have white and blue sides. One side of the white face is facing to the inside, and one side of the metal strip is facing up. First, the two ribbons under the neck are tied behind the neck and stretched tightly. Make the lower edge of the mask reach the root of chin;

2. Pull up the upper edge belt of the mask, cover the nose and mouth with the mask, and pull the two upper straps to the back of the ear to fasten with the head, not on the ear.

3. Press the metal wire at the nose root on the upper side of the mask with two index fingers to make it cling to the nose skin, and then move the food towards both sides gradually, so that the whole mask is close to the face skin.