Efficient Multi-enzyme Cleaning Solution

[Main Ingredients]

Protein hydrolase, amylase, lipase, cellulase, etc. with high efficiency cleaning agent, corrosion inhibitor, etc.

[Main Purposes]

TThis product is suitable for automatic cleaning system and manual cleaning. It can clean various medical instruments such as flexible and hard endoscopes, stomatological instruments, internal and surgical appliances, surgical instruments, rubber, medical plastics, instruments and laboratory utensils.

[Product Features]

1. Contain unique concentrated multi-enzyme formula, and decompose proteins, fats, carbohydrates and mucopolysaccharides quickly and effectively.

2. Non-corrosive; it can be used for various equipment and appliances.

3. The cationic polymer solution can effectively remove biofilm.

4. Biodegradable, safe and ecological

[Application Scope]

This product is suitable for various automatic cleaning and disinfection machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines and manual cleaning. It can be used for cleaning various medical instruments such as flexible and hard endoscopes, surgical appliances, pipes, rubber, medical plastics, instruments, laboratory utensils and so on.

Operation for manual cleaning: Rinse the polluted instruments and objects with running water, and then put them into the diluted cleaning solution for washing. Fully open all articulated instruments. As for the piping instruments, inject the cleaning solution with syringe. As for heavily polluted objects, clean with soft brush under the liquid surface. Finally, rinse with clean water after taking them out.



1. This product cannot directly contact skin and mucous membrane. In case of accidental contact, please rinse with plenty of running water for more than 10 min as soon as possible.

2. The user should wear protective glasses and gloves.

3. Do not expose the multi-enzyme cleaning solution to foreign objects such as water.

4. The optimal soaking temperature is 40℃, and the allowable temperature range is 25℃-55℃. When it is lower than 25℃, the soaking time needs to be extended.

5. Screw the cap tightly after each use.

6. Please dilute according to the dilution rate stipulated in the instructions.

7. It must be prepared for immediate use and should not be reused.


1L / barrel, 2.5l/barrel, 5L / barrel