Medical antipyretic sticker

[Performance Structure and Composition]

Mainly composed of non-woven fabric backing layer, gel layer, polyethylene plastic film cover layer, etc. It does not contain any ingredient that exerts pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects.

[Application Scope]

This product is suitable for physical fever in infants, children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly, and it can also be used for cold compress treatment of closed soft tissue injuries.


1. Open the package, remove the polyethylene film cover, apply the gel directly to the forehead or temple, and gently press it to ensure good fitting. In order to speed up the cooling, this product can also be applied to the left and right armpits or left and right groins. Besides, to improve the curative effect, this product can also be used after being refrigerated; use it immediately after taking it out.

2. The maximum usage time of each patch is 8h, and it can also be replaced according to the doctor’s advice.


1. It is forbidden for to paste the product on eyes or damaged skin.

2. People with skin allergies are forbidden to use.

3. Do not reuse, and destroy or dispose of it according to relevant regulations after use.

4. Do not use this product when the product property changes.

5. Infants and children should use this product under the supervision of adults to prevent misuse and accidental ingestion.

6. If the temperature is high due to unknown reasons and the fever symptoms fail to be alleviated after using this product for more than 8 hours, please consult a doctor.


Specification] (5-23) cm * (2-10) cm (customizable as required by customers)