Medical cold compress

[Performance Structure and Components]

It is mainly composed of non-woven backing, gel layer and polyethylene plastic film covering layer, and does not contain ingredients that play a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic role.

[Intended Use]

1. Inflammatory swelling and pain of acute soft tissue and blood vessels encountered in muscle injection, venipuncture and infusion, such as subcutaneous swelling, phlebitis, etc;

2. Acute closed soft tissue injury requiring early cold compress is characterized by congestion, swelling, pain and limited activity;


1. Open the packaging, remove the polyethylene film covering layer, apply the gel surface directly to the skin on the treatment site, and press it gently to ensure a good fit.

2. 1-2 times a day, or as ordered. In order to improve the curative effect, it can also be used after refrigerated, taken out and used immediately.


Forbidden for people with skin allergies, and use with caution for allergy sufferers.