Disposable hand foam disinfectant

[main active ingredients and content]

This product is a foam free hand sanitizing solution based on chlorhexidine gluconate and ethanol. Chlorhexidine gluconate (w / V) 0.30% - 0.40%, ethanol (w / V) 60% - 70%.

[category of killing microorganisms]

It can kill enteropathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic fungi and common bacteria in hospital infection.

[scope of use]

suitable for surgical hand disinfection and sanitary hand disinfection.


1. Surgical hand disinfection: wash hands, forearms and 1 / 3 of the lower part of the upper arm according to the requirements of surgical hand washing, and then take appropriate amount of this product and rub it to each part of the hands, forearms and 1 / 3 of the lower part of the upper arm, and use it for 3 minutes, and wear gloves after drying.

2, hand disinfection: take this product to rub or spray hands to ensure that the disinfectant completely covers the skin of the hands and acts for 1 minutes until it drier.


1. This product is a disinfectant for external use. It is not allowed to be taken orally. It is not easy for children to contact.

2. This product contains ethanol, which is irritant to damaged skin and mucous membrane. It should not be used for disinfection of damaged skin and mucous membrane.

3. Avoid touching the eyes and ears. If splashed on the eyes, wash with water immediately.

4. Use with caution if you are allergic to alcohol.

5. This product is flammable and should be kept away from light in a cool and dry place


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