What are the functions of gauze masks in daily life?

Gauze mask is a kind of protective medical supplies often used in the medical industry. At the same time, gauze mask is also used in other industries. It is also used in some industries containing toxic gases or steam.

Gauze mask has the function of dustproof and anti-virus. It can filter the substances that are poisonous to human body, which is very important to health. Textile dust mask is a kind of respiratory protective equipment which only protects respiratory organs from harmful substances. It is generally composed of a mask and a poison box. The poison box is equipped with an adsorbent or a sorbent, which has a very good adsorption effect. Some poison boxes are also equipped with a filter layer, which can prevent aerosols at the same time. The respirator used in the military is mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or water resistant and oil resistant fabric as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material as the inner layer, and the polyurethane foam with activated carbon as the bottom layer, providing temporary protection when the gas is suddenly attacked. There are many kinds of respirators, but from the structure and working principle, they are mainly divided into two categories: air filter respirator and air supply respirator.

(1) the working principle of air filter mask, or filter mask for short, is that the air containing harmful substances is filtered through the filter material of the mask and evolved before being inhaled. The structure of a filter mask is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, the other is the filter material part, including the filter cotton used for dust prevention and the chemical filter box used for gas prevention.

(2) air supply type mask refers to a clean air source isolated from harmful substances, which is sent to the face of people for breathing through pipes and masks through power functions such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device, etc.

Gauze mask is very important in daily life. It can prevent the infection of virus. In the cold winter, it can also increase the measures of keeping warm to the mouth and respiratory system, so it is also one of the indispensable products for health care.

The function of gauze mask in daily life can not be ignored. It can prevent virus infection. For example, in cold winter, it can enhance the measures of keeping warm for oral cavity and respiratory system, so it is one of the products indispensable for health care.