Bidding for class III liquid distribution system

Purchaser: Ningguo Wuyue Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.58, Bali road, heli Park, economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province

Contact: 0563-4888361

1、 Bidding information

Name of bidding project: three types of sterile liquid dressing preparation system

Application: used in the production of three kinds of liquid dressing

Quantity: 1

Technical requirements:

1. In accordance with the production process diagram

2. See attachment for specific requirements: urs of Wuyue pharmaceutical solution preparation system

3. Pure steam sterilization and production of three types of sterile medical devices

2、 Supplier qualification requirements: the supplier shall be a legal enterprise registered in China with independent legal personality, and have valid business license, organization code and tax registration certificate.

3、 Instructions to bidders

The bidder shall provide 2 copies of detailed price list (including detailed price list of pipeline and valve) with official seal, mailing address: he 15755389273, Bali road, heli Park, Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province (Ningguo Wuyue Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.). One electronic version, email or wechat.

4、 Deadline for bid submission: November 28, 2019 time for bid opening: November 29, 2019

5、 Contact name of procurement project: he Tel.: 15755389273

Wu Yue pharmaceutical solution system urs (Class III solution system accessories) Click download