Bidding announcement of purification plant of Ningguo Wuyue Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

Purchaser: Ningguo Wuyue Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

Address: No.58, Bali road, heli Park, economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province

Contact: 0563-4888361

1、 Bidding information

Name of bidding project: liquid dressing purification workshop (Level C)

Application: used in the production of three kinds of liquid dressing

Quantity: 1

Technical requirements: see the appendix for details

2、 Supplier qualification requirements: the supplier shall be a legal enterprise registered in China with independent legal personality, and have valid business license, organization code and tax registration certificate.

3、 Deadline for bid submission: November 28, 2019

Bid opening time: November 29, 2019

4、 Contact name of procurement project: he Tel.: 15755389273

Bidding document for liquid dressing purification and installation project Click download